Ted Cruz

America's Next First Family? Cute Kids Make Ted Cruz Seem Human!

  • by: Alan Duke
  • (Thu, 14 Apr 2016 02:25:44 Z)

If Ted Cruz wins the White House, he may want to shower his daughters with dolls and stuff bears in thanks for making him seem like a loving, doting dad. The images of the family remind older voters of when Jimmy Carter benefited from having 9-year-old Amy on the campaign trail in 1976.

The highlight of CNN's "Town Hall" Wednesday was when the Cruz chidren took the stage. Cruz acknowleged that Caroline, who turns 8 Thursday, is "rascally" and more like him, while Catherine, 5, was sweet and like her mom.

They all agreed that singer Taylor Swift would be immediately invited for dinner at the White House if the Cruz family moves in.

Here are a few screenshots from the event, taken over just two minutes, showing the dynamics of the Cruz family. Can you see them growing up in the White House?

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