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Bizarre Ted Cruz Video: The Making Of A Pro-Family Political Ad

  • by: Alan Duke
  • (Fri, 04 Dec 2015 17:06:41 Z)

The finish ads show Ted Cruz as the great father and good son, but the unedited video reveals staged hugs, words put in relatives' mouths, an exasperated candidate, a reluctant mother and really cute kids.

You can see what was left on the cutting room floor because Cruz put all of the raw video from a December 31, 2014, shoot at his home on YouTube. Why would he do that, showing the unreality of his political ads? It's because federal rules prevent his campaign from coordinating with super pacs who want to produce commercials supporting him and uploading them to a disguised video account gets around that.

But nothing is secret on social nets. (Just ask Lead Stories' Trendolizer, which scours them daily.) CNN and others found the raw video. Below, you will first see a CNN political report about it. Then scroll down to see what Comedy Central's Daily Show did with the video.

The Daily Show titled this spoof ad based on the raw video "Senator Dad"

This satirical Daily Show ad is titled "Cruz Control"

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